We encourage good behaviour by our own example and by talking and negotiating with the children. We explain why anti-social behaviour is unacceptable and why we need certain rules. We aim to give the children an understanding that different types of behaviour are appropriate at different times and in different situations, but that there is a norm of behaviour which society expects and to which we adhere. We aim to teach children that they have responsibilities for their behaviour in school, at home and in the community.

We have ZERO TOLERANCE of BULLYING. We encourage the children to tell an adult if they are worried about anything in school. We are a ‘Listening’ school. Bullying is dealt with immediately and investigated in depth. Parents are involved so we can work together on strategies. Children who bully are not allowed in the playground with others. We have regular assemblies for the whole school and in classes about issues of bullying. We have a ‘Bullying Box’ for children to ask for help. If you are concerned about this issue please talk to your child’s class teacher or the Headteacher.

We reward good behaviour and work by acknowledging the children publicly in assemblies. The names of children who consistently misbehave, disrupt the class or break the playground rules are entered into the teachers class book. The class teacher will then send a letter to parents and meet with them to try and ensure that an early intervention will be most effective for the children. The child’s behaviour is discussed at the next staff meeting and the child will be focused on by the whole staff. The Senior Leadership Team monitor the class books and also the Behaviour Incident Reports (BIR’s) which are completed for serious incidents. (see Inclusive Education Statement).

All adults should be aware of our Policy on Behaviour and Discipline. They should observe it and reinforce it at all times whilst on the school premises.

The list below is the set of rules that we enforce to ensure a safe and secure environment:

The Golden Rules

Do be kind and helpful

Don’t hurt peoples feelings

Do be gentle

Don’t hurt anybody

Do listen