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Online Safety Policy

At Malmesbury we take online safety very seriously and teach children to keep themselves safe whenever they use computers.There are lots of advantages to using computers and the internet, but there are also risks. Some of the most serious risks are:

  • seeing inappropriate content e.g. when playing games that are not age appropriate
  • being involved in illegal activity e.g. downloading information that you don’t have a right to download
  • being bullied online, on social media or on mobile phones
  • the risk of making friends with people who are not who they say they are

In line with Article 17 of the UNCRC we teach children that they have the right to access information.As part of that right, adults have a duty to make sure that the information children are getting is not harmful.We do this by working with staff, parents and pupils to create a community which uses new technologies to enhance learning,  while encouraging everyone to use ICT safely and responsibly and to be good digital citizens.We have an Online Safety group, made up of teachers, children, parents, governors and ICT advisers, which meets once a term to raise current issues in online safety and carry out actions to help keep children safe.

Some top tips for keeping your child safe online and when using computers:



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