Residential Visits

Our residential trip to Gorsefield is a much anticipated, exciting event that every year 6 pupil  looks forward to. Not only does it provides a great opportunity for outdoor learning but also improves pupils’ confidence, independence and social skills. Through communication and teamwork, children learn how to solve problems, develop resilience and support each other.

An active and healthy lifestyle is the main focus for the week which is packed with fun activities such as archery, bike-riding, orienteering, pond-dipping, camping.​ To fuel up, children are served tasty and nutritious home-made food. At the end of a busy day, children get a chance to relax in the beautiful garden or continue having fun in the play area.​

Whether they work together through the challenges of daily adventures, serve dinner or tidy up their rooms for inspection, this trip helps them strengthen their friendships, learn new skills, build confidence and independence.